Computer Information Systems: Case Studies by Thomas L Buck PhD

Computer Information Systems: Case Studies

Book Title: Computer Information Systems: Case Studies

Publisher: McGrawHill

ISBN: 0984377921

Author: Thomas L Buck PhD

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Thomas L Buck PhD with Computer Information Systems: Case Studies

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These case studies are part of an on-going curriculum and simulations development project between the College of Saint Scholastica’s School of Business and Technology (SBT) and (, and are designed to help students explore the field of information systems analysis through case simulations and role-playing game (RPG) scenarios. In addition, they can be used in combination with a queueing theory model and both continuous, as well as discrete-event simulations. The related RPG scenarios focus on real-life systems found in performance and management information systems.

In short, through the case studies presented in this collection, students will explore mission critical computer information systems designed to teach and explore analytic thinking and best practices through operations research modeling methods and solution algorithms.